Farrell’s Kickboxing

I started at Farrell’s in Logan Square, Chicago, two weeks ago. I am still in a phase of vibrating excitement about it.

Program summary:

  1. 10 weeks
  2. 6 days a week, 3 kickboxing & 3 strength training
  3. 45 minutes a day
  4. They also have a nutrition plan that involves eating six small meals of a carb and a protein

They say “Results are Typical”, but how could they not be. I am looking to lose 60 lbs over the course of the next 9 months, so this will give it a good start.

I started at 284 lbs.

The first two weeks have been great. Already feeling better across the board. Class leaves me pretty sore, but recovery isn’t bad overall.

I am taking some advice from Timothy Ferris and the Four Hour Body. I am using the PAGG stack to increase fat loss and I have also added creatine in week two (the loading phase). I am pretty excited to see what is possible.