Long Live Sydney

My cat died this morning. Or we watched a vet kill her. I found her lying under a chair that she likes to sleep on. Her head was between the wheel and a subwoofer under the desk, and she was sprawled out. She never does that… I got imediately worried and woke up my wife. Syd got up, and tried to turn around, but was not very able. She had peed herself. We thought she broke her hip, so we got her into a box with a towel and to the vet when they opened an hour later.

The vet said that nothing was broken, and she had brain trauma. Her left pupil was dilated and her right was somewhat in and out of light dilation. She wasn’t responding to light. She lay in my arms twitching light as if trying to walk, but she faded so quickly as I watched her… I could see much choice, so we had to put her down.

I don’t know if I will ever stop feeling like I failed her in some way. It is a hard feeling to shake.

I think she mostly had a good life, she was such fun cat. A 16 year old kitty yesterday who cuddled on my lap as I scratched her ears and rubbed her head, and then she was just… gone this morning. So fast.

Walking away from her limp body was… so hard…

Sydney in the sunSydney waiting for petsSydney demanding petsRest in peace Sydney

Farrell’s Kickboxing

I started at Farrell’s in Logan Square, Chicago, two weeks ago. I am still in a phase of vibrating excitement about it.

Program summary:

  1. 10 weeks
  2. 6 days a week, 3 kickboxing & 3 strength training
  3. 45 minutes a day
  4. They also have a nutrition plan that involves eating six small meals of a carb and a protein

They say “Results are Typical”, but how could they not be. I am looking to lose 60 lbs over the course of the next 9 months, so this will give it a good start.

I started at 284 lbs.

The first two weeks have been great. Already feeling better across the board. Class leaves me pretty sore, but recovery isn’t bad overall.

I am taking some advice from Timothy Ferris and the Four Hour Body. I am using the PAGG stack to increase fat loss and I have also added creatine in week two (the loading phase). I am pretty excited to see what is possible.

My Soylent

I heard about Soylent when it was first announced to raise funding for public production. I was at first disgusted at the idea that somebody would want to shun food for a drink. I love food.

But, later, as I sat eating and not really enjoying a subway sandwich, I realized that there wasn’t much difference between the solid filler I was holding in my hands and Rob Rhinehart’s liquid nutrition. Except that Rob’s idea was going to be cheaper and geared toward a better calculation of your needs from a meal.

So I bought a month’s supply.

If you know anything about Soylent, you probably know that  a year later, production is still stunted, but I haven’t been in a hurry. I have been sitting back and waiting. However, recently, a friend decided to get in on the diy.soylent.me movement and try to make his own. My middle name being DIY, I figured I should follow suit. Matt picked a recipe with few ingredients that meets the full daily requirements, and he sourced most of them off of Amazon Prime. After the work he did, it didn’t even feel like DIY anymore…

My recipe is really just Matt’s recipe. I don’t buy the corn meal on Amazon, because it is much cheaper in the store. This recipe is also based on the original People Chow recipe. You can reference the original recipe for full nutritional information.

This recipe tastes like a blended, slightly sweet tortilla. It is alright, pretty cheap, and easy to mix up. I use it periodically to replace lunches and sometimes breakfasts. It isn’t perfect, It is a little gritty, and the corn flavor is not for everyone.

My Soylent has finally arrived though. The comparison is pretty stark. Real Soylent is much more what you would expect from a meal replacement shake. It has a stronger vanillaish flavor, and blends up much better.  It is… kind of a delight. When I read reviews about it being flavorless, it starts to feel like a bit of a hit job. The online world loves to be cynical, and so it is easy to get away with that here. I would say it is everything I am looking for though.

Soy lecithin emulsification

In the DIY version the oil reacts like… well oil… in water. It doesn’t mix up. You have to shake it up before drinking. I have been experimenting with using liquid soy lecithin to emulsify it. That has actually been pretty great so far…

1g Now Liquid Soy Lecithin

  1. Add the oil from the recipe and the liquid Soy Lecithin to a blender
  2. Spoon the lecithin into the oil while blending. It should blend in pretty easy.
  3. Now slowly blend in about a cup of water. Slow at first, but you can speed up after the emulsification starts (it will be cloudy).
  4. Now you can add this mixture to your powder mixture and water and shake it up.

Xantham gum can help stabilize this and can thicken things up if you want more of a shake consistency, but the People Chow is already pretty thick generally.


WordCamp Columbus

I will be speaking on WordPress actions and filters at WordCamp Columbus. Excited to get back to Ohio and meet the community of users in Columbus. The talk will delve into how WordPress hooks work and how you can start applying them to your development process. It will end with a look a simple example of an Ajax call the WordPress way using actions.

Speaking at #WCCBUS